Informasi Penting dari DOAJ

Just a reminder that reapplications are open and that you must submit your reapplication(s) before the end of 2015. Failure to do so, will result in your journal being removed from DOAJ.
The reapplications are coming in fast. BioMed Central just submitted 220 in one go! Great work BMC.
We recently sent out a first reminder to 4680 accounts. Did you get yours? If not, let me know and add to your email address book/your domain safelist.
Guidance on submitting your reapplications can be found here. If you have more than 11 journals in DOAJ, the process is slightly different. Get in touch and I will guide you through.

What does the green tick symbol next to some journals mean?
The green tick (“The Tick”) is displayed against all journals that were accepted into DOAJ after March 2014 when DOAJ launched its new criteria for journals to be accepted into DOAJ. The new criteria require a higher level of compliance to best practices and publishing standards. Journals that do not have The Tick are in the process of reapplying under the new criteria.

A list of journals removed from DOAJ from 1st January 2014 : Click here.
Terdapat sebanyak 807 Jurnal yang sudah dikeluarkan dari daftar DOAJ, salah satunya adalah jurnal yang berasal dari Indonesia pada nomor urut 491.

Reapplications are open. Have you submitted yours yet?

Reapplications are open. Have you submitted yours yet?

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